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From ITLBS1 on, referencing a pizza war going down on Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island:

Some people may like Goodfella's. As much as it sucks.

It's the same with BOSE Speakers. Everyone thinks they are great. They are overpriced, underperforming pieces of crap. But people think they are the best. My home theater system would set them on fire.

Same with I-Pods, they are crap. To each their own. It's a personal preferrence and some people like it, poor taste I guess?

When everyone wanted SONY (CRT) Trinitron's I preferred Hitachi. My 36" Hitachi from 1986 is still going. TV is not much to me. For when I do get new ones I will go for L.E.D. based sets.

For Pizza, it's Denino's, Joe & Pat's, Lees, Ciro's, Road House or Angelo's. All depends on where I happen to be and my time allocation. If it's a pleasure/date it's Denino's & Ralphs.

And some people prefer Betamax to VHS, but my Philips 1500 spanks them all.