Individual-Size, Slice-Accompanying Pizza Wine in Greenpoint

Miss Heather of the blog finds Pizza Wine at a Greenpoint liquor store. It's a small 375 ml bottle of wine that claims to have been crafted specifically for pizza.

At $3 a bottle (even with tax included) this isn't really much of a bargain. If one bottle is designed to accompany two slices, I'd guesstimate it would take five bottles to match a ten-slice pie. That totals to $15. For that kind of money, you can buy a couple six packs of decent beer.

Ten-slice pie? Where is Miss Heather getting a ten-slice pie? Note: A pizza is usually cut in eight- or six-slice configurations.

T&N Wine and Liquor

983 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222 (b/n India/Huron streets; map)

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