Naples Comes to Seattle


The inaugural Neapolitan Pizza Forum will be held in Seattle June 24–29.

Why Seattle, you ask? Well, there are several similarities between Naples and Seattle that make this city an ideal choice for VPN Americas' initial pizza convention.

First of all, the skylines of both cities include a magnificent yet ominous volcano looming in the distance (Mount Vesuvius and Mount Rainier, respectively). Another shared geographical feature is that both of these busy ports are anchored in a magnificent bay.

But from a culinary perspective, both Naples and Seattle are world-renowned for their inspired coffee and seafood, and most important, the Emerald City just happens to have the most VPN-certified pizzerias in the United States.

The weeklong pizza convention, hosted by VPN Americas president and owner of California's Antica Pizzeria, Peppe Mielé, will include seminars, discussions, and demonstrations by the various VPN members. All events are free and open to the public.

For information as to the times and locations of these activities, check the VPN website: