A Second Lucali Location? Yes and No


The site of Chris Iacono's future pizzeria.*

The News

The brother of Lucali's Mark Iacono has plans to open his own pizzeria in South Slope/Greenwood Heights. Chris Iacono has taken the space at 691 Sixth Avenue, Mark Iacono confirms, and hopes to turn the former medical supply shop into a wood-oven pizzeria styled after Mark's renowned place in Carroll Gardens.

Behind the News

The blog Eater first mentioned the possibility of a second Lucali location earlier this month but noted that "reps at Lucali [wouldn't] confirm." Today Eater's insider says it's Mark's brother, but again, reps won't confirm.

I talked to Mark Iacono earlier this week about the rumors. When asked whether Lucali II was indeed coming, Iacono hedged a bit before saying, "Yes—and no. It's my brother, Chris, who's been working with me here."

Chris has been working at Lucali on Mondays both to give Mark a day off and to practice for his own pizzeria.

Mark says there's no word on what the place will be named, although he said it probably wouldn't be called Lucali.

Then again, Eater's unnamed tipster seems to say that Chris has Mark's blessing to call it Lucali.

Who knows.

*Apologies for the shitastic photo above. When I rode out to Sixth and 20th earlier this week, I bricked it and took a picture of the wrong corner:


This is NOT the future location of Chris Iacono's pizzeria.