The 'Pizza Strip': Indigenous to Rhode Island


Photograph from ~Twon~ on Flickr

Here's a pizza style we neglected to round up in our list of Regional Pizza Styles: the pizza strip, which is apparently available in New England but thrives in Rhode Island. Native Ocean Stater Christopher Borrelli writes about it in the Chicago Tribune:

The pizza strip is the pizza I grew up on, and unique beyond its shape. I doubt I ever attended a party or cookout in Providence where a pile of strips was not served. A box of them was always in our kitchen, the cardboard studded with grease spots. Some call it bakery pizza. Or tomato pie. But "pizza strip" captures its spartan delight. It is basically bread (often a focaccia, with hints of rosemary or basil), a mess of tomato sauce (thick, and bright red)—and that's it. No cheese. Served at room temperature.

No cheese? Isn't that just a presauced breadstick, then? New Englanders, feel free to shout me down in the comments.