'Zagat Buzz' Interviews Motorino's Mathieu Palombino

Zagat Buzz has a nice interview with Mathieu Palombino of Motorino:

"I always thought I would be in a fine restaurant," he sighs. "It was my profession; what I knew. But gastronomy in New York was going toward something that didn’t excite me any more – molecular cuisine and things that were too trendy. I saw a couple of guys doing simple spots like a barbecue place in Williamsburg, or Mario Batali’s Otto – things without pretension. So I threw my knife over. I am still always seeking perfection, whether it is a game bird or pizza. I let the season drive the pizza toppings and my training helps, because I am very critical and always trying to improve. I still use the best ingredients, but I can serve a 16-inch pizza with the best flour, cheese and olive oil for $12–$14."

You can try Palombino's excellent Neapolitan-style pies at the original Motorino in Williamsburg or wait until he opens its second location in the former Una Pizza Napoletana space in the East Village.


319 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (at Devoe Street; map) 718-599-8899; motorinopizza.com