Slice Advice for the Obamas: When in Martha's Vineyard, Go to Joey's Pizza in Oak Bluffs

"There is a righteous balance to a Joey's slice."


Dear Obama family,

When you get to Martha's Vineyard next week you'll notice that pizza is ubiquitous on the island. Even in towns with less than a handful of retail establishments like West Tisbury and Chilmark there will be at least one place selling pizza that someone will tell you is the best to be found on the Vineyard. Do not listen to these people. Garcia's Deli is the closest shop to your rental property making and selling pizza. Its pizza leaves a great deal to be desired. As does the pizza at the nearby Chilmark Store.


Mr. President, First Lady, Sasha, Malia, you can trust me on this one. The only seriously delicious slice of pizza to be found on the island of Martha's Vineyard is made by this man, Joe Santarpio, at Joey's Pizza in Oak Bluffs. Joe has a totally legit pizza pedigree and street cred. Santarpio's, his family's East Boston pizzeria, has been around since 1903. The Santarpio family is to Boston pizza what the Kennedy family is to Boston politics. They are a pizza dynasty. As our president and chief politician I trust the Kennedy family analogy is one you will understand.


I know Joey's doesn't look like much. It's just a shack. But the pizza, sold by the slice and small, not quite 14-inch pies, is most excellent.


The crust is thickish and breadlike, but it's got a crusty, crunchy exterior and a little cornmeal on its bottom. The slices are salty and tangy from the combination of aged mozzarella and Romano cheese Joe uses on his pizza. There is a righteous balance to a Joey's slice. The ratio of crust to sauce to cheese is just about perfect.

So, first family, now you know. Take it from the folks at Slice, if you get a hankering for pizza while you're on the Vineyard, head to Joey's. Slices are $3.25; the smallish whole pies are $14, so even if your pizza is on us, the taxpayers, it shouldn't blow a hole in the federal budget.

Joe will only be there until Labor Day, so your family vacation timing is perfect.

Pizzafully, Your friends at Slice

PS: Tell your Secret Service detail about Joey's. They will appreciate the tip.

Joey’s Pizza

12 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs MA 508-696-0010