Lapp, aka 'Pizzaexpert,' aka 'Worst Pizza' Appears on the Gary Vaynerchuk Show


Lapp, who you might know here on Slice as pizzaexpert (aka the Worst Pizza Guy), appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV today.

Vaynerchuk gives him some good-natured shit because Lapp doesn't drink (the first guest to come on and not drink with him) and because Lapp likes the Miami Dolphins (Vaynerchuk is a HUGE Jets fan.)

Vaynerchuk tastes three wines he thinks might go well with pizza:

  • 2008 Shaya Rueda: A white. He likes. Reminds him of Capri Sun.
  • 2007 Il Maniaco Montepulciano D'abruzzo: A red. Whoa. He HATES this one. Makes me wonder why he sells it or why he brought it on. "It's a space cadet."
  • 2005 Hewitson Miss Harry: Red. Reminds Gary of a cauliflower or mushroom soup that he likes. "Great fruit, initial attack is very intense. I like it... Goes well with the pizza.

Vaynerchuk reveals that he eats pizza without the cheese, demonstrating his cheese-removal technique at 18:25.

Lapp reveals that his site redesign (relaunched today) is courtesy of a coder who Lapp agreed to plug on Gary's show. Gary: "So basically you sucked the goodness out of me, used it for yourself to get the stuff that you needed. That's exactly like a Dolphins fan, exactly."

Ouch. [After the jump, Lapp and I break bread together.]

Lapp's Tour


Me and Pizzaexpert (who looks very serious here) at La Villa in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Lapp, who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, came up to the NYC area specifically to appear on Vaynerchuk's show, and while he was here visited several area pizzerias. While they don't yet appear on his site, I know he tried and loved Motorino, tried Roberta's but wasn't impressed, loved Lucali, and gave the "upside down pizza" at La Villa in Park Slope (where I had dinner with him last night) six out of eight slices. If you want snippets of what he thought, you can check out his Twitter accounts: @lapp and @worstpizza.

I enjoyed sharing pizza with Lapp and his friends, and he was a fun guy to talk to who has a huge appetite for pizza and all things pizza-related. I'm looking forward to what he has to say about his pizza binge during the visit. And I'm still waiting for him to tell me where that pizza in the Vaynerchuk video was from. Lapp? We know you're out there...