Pizza Hut Releases New Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza

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Approaching the realm of self-parody, Pizza Hut announced today the release of its Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza. It's the first "upgrade" to the chain's popular Pan Pizza in three decades. From the press release:

Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza is Pizza Hut's classic Pan Pizza with a ring of cheese baked deep into the crust. Available for $10.99 for a one topping, Stuffed Crust Pan is an awesome combination of the warm golden Pizza Hut Pan Pizza crust with a ring of gooey cheese stuffed deep into the crust. In 1980, Pizza Hut introduced the Pan Pizza, which changed the pizza world forever and became Pizza Hut's signature recipe. Fifteen years later, Stuffed Crust flipped the pizza eating world as we knew it upside down - literally, inviting pizza fans to eat their pizza crust first! In 2009, these two greats have joined forces.

Has anyone had one yet? If I had a Pizza Hut that delivered near my house, I'd be all over this.