Saag Paneer Pizza? Why Not?


[Credit: Midtown Lunch]

Saag paneer is spinach and cheese, right? So why not make a saag paneer pizza? Midtown Lunch posted yesterday about the unusual pies at Bombay Eats on West 52nd Street.

Right now, the Indian-food-topped pizza is sold whole-pie-only. The proprietor there told MTL's Zach Brooks that he didn't think there was enough demand to sell these pizzas by the slice. Zach badgered the owner enough that he made a slice topped with saag paneer from the buffet. He says:

I still think he’d make a killing offering Indian pizza by the slice. Maybe if enough people go in and ask him to top their pizza with saag from the buffet, they’ll decide that it would be worth it to at least have one Indian pizza in the window to sell by the slice. You think we could make this happen?!?

Bombay Eats

314 West 52nd Street, New York NY 10019 (b/n Eighth and Ninth avenues; map) 212-265-7777