Quick Profile on Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso


[Photograph: canerosso.tumblr.com]

Dallas-area pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier, co-owner of Dallas's Campania, gets some press for his mobile-pizza-oven operation, Il Cane Rosso on the Dallas Observer's food blog, City of Ate.

You may already know Jerrier as canerosso here on Slice, so you won't be surprised that he's pretty damn opinionated about his preferred style of pizza—Neapolitan. [After the jump, where to find Il Cane Rosso.]


[Photograph: Cane Rosso Pizza on Flickr]

"We went to Italy for our honeymoon. ...I had grown up in the Northeast, and you know, they have that New York pizza...which everybody goes crazy over. ...It's good, but it's not great. So, everyone said, 'You're gonna hate the pizza in Italy.' We went over there, and Pizzeria Aurora in Sorrento was the very first place I had real Italian pizza, and I was like 'Oh my God! This is the best thing I've ever eaten!'"

I also like this: "If I had any balls, I'd stop using pepperoni and use spicy sopressata instead. But I'm gettin' there."

Where to Find Il Cane Rosso


[Photograph: Cane Rosso Pizza on Flickr]

Il Cane Rosso appears mostly at private events, but Jerrier does pizza nights at Times Ten Cellars in Dallas (6324 Prospect Avenue, Dallas TX 75214; map). Those appearances will resume at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7 and continue every Wednesday night from 6 p.m. until ICR runs out of dough (usually about 150 pizzas, Jerrier tells us). ICR's Pizza Nights are open to the public, no reservations required, but we hear it fills up fast. Jerrier is working out a Pizza Night schedule with the new Times Ten Cellars store in Fort Worth.