When Is Totonno's Opening? New Projected Date Is Late September, Early October


For those of you asking "Is Totonno's open yet?" we have the latest update on the saga after the Coney Island pizza shop's fire in March: Owner-pizzaman Lawrence Ciminieri says it'll be late September or early October.

Why the delay? After the fire, Ciminieri said, his family had two choices: rebuild from scratch or salvage what was there. The initial reports from the architect Ciminieri consulted with indicated that the building was sound enough to salvage, but once crews started renovation, city inspectors found more damage than expected. It turns out that the building needs to be shored up to support the weight of the oven and the coal used to fire it.

"It would have been easier to just knock the place down and start over," Ciminieri said, "but we're already in the middle of this [renovation] and just have to finish now."

This time, he said, it'll definitely be no later than October. Stay tuned to Slice for an exact opening date the minute we get it from Ciminieri.