Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Quick Bites

News in one quick bite.

  • Video: World's largest pizza oven. [via Pizza Therapy]
  • Thin Is In: "The pizza joints that for decades have given Chicago its heavyweight vibe are finding themselves pushed around by the culinary equivalent of a pencil-neck geek: gourmet restaurants with trendy names like 'Piece' or 'Crust' serving up sometimes cracker-thin pizzas." [MSNBC]
  • Pizzamaking.com's Monthly Challenge: September is dessert pizza. [pizzamaking.com]
  • Totaled: How Papa John's free pizza offer killed a Camaro. [Jalopnik]
  • Baltimore: Bagby Pizza Company sounds like a promising upcoming pizzeria. Too bad they couldn't get a coal oven, though. [Pizzablogger]
  • DC: Liza and Gary review Sette Bello in Arlington, Virginia. "Could have been better." [DC Pizza Blog]
  • Florida > Boca Raton: Wow. This is what a 1-slice-rated pizza looks like in Lapp's world. [worstpizza.com]
  • NJ: The Munchmobile Pizza Patrol hits Monmouth County and stops at Brothers, Fratelli's, Luke's, Ferraro's Famous Tomato Pies, Vic's, and Tony's Famous Tomato Pies. [NJ.com]
  • NYC > Brooklyn: "Lucali is a tourist trap." [Chowhound]
  • South Carolina: Cary and Lillian find a Brooklyn native making pizza in Charleston. A well-balanced pie, but the crust flavor was a little lacking, they say. [P-4-P]