'New York Daily News' Profiles Colin of 'Slice Harvester'

The New York Daily News profiles Colin (no last name given), the guy behind the Slice Harvester blog:

"I don't need some ... crab on my pizza," he said. "If you want to make some bread with sauce and cheese and put crab on top of it and call it a pizza, fine. Go for it. But that's not a pizza as far as I'm concerned."

Slice Harvester debuted in August, vowing to eat at every pizzeria in New York City. Reactions were mixed when word got out about his quest, split between "Marry me?" and "You're an idiot. It will take you a day to do two blocks of Third Avenue in the 70s. Tool."

Personally, I love his writing style and fresh take on the game. And he's finding some amazingly weird stuff as he eats his way first around Manhattan (the Daily News says he's already eaten at every pizzeria above 125th Street).

Amazingly, the Daily News story also reveals that he weighs 160 pounds at 5'10". That's a thin dude. Wonder how long he'll remain so.