Openings: Nomad Pizza Co., Hopewell, New Jersey


[Photographs: Nomad Pizza Co.]

While I was skipping the light Francisco on the west side, New Jersey pizza madman Paulie Gee was scouting the Garden State checking in on a place he had read about on Nomad Pizza Co.

Nomad Pizza Co. started as a truck-based operation and opened an actual restaurant a couple weeks ago in Hopewell, New Jersey. After the jump, I've got a picture of the oven at the new Nomad restaurant, courtesy of Paulie, but before that, I want you to check out their truck:


A restored 1949 REO Speedwagon with an honest-to-goodness wood-burning oven. Here's what they say about it:

Our truck is completely self contained. The truck has a wood fired brick oven, a commercial refrigerator, a three bay sink, a hand wash sink, a hot water heater, a generator, a retractable awning, lights, work tables, serving tables, on board sound system.

Holy crap! It's reminiscent of the Big Green Pizza Truck, a 1946 International Harvester truck, which also has several amenities built in.

Anyway, here's Paulie Gee's shot of the restaurant-based oven (right), and here's what has to say:

Nomad has a simple menu of six varieties of pizza at any given time. Some will vary from week to week, but Grim expects the popular Margherita, spicy sausage and pepperoni will be staples. On the Wednesday we were there, he also had shitake mushroom and a special pesto pizza made using basil from the restaurant garden. Two salads are the only other items on the brief menu.

The style of pizza, if you haven't guessed, is Neapolitan. The business partners running Nomad, Tom Grim and Stalin Bedon, are trying to use organic stuff wherever possible.

According to Paulie, it's some good stuff. And that's endorsement enough for me to add it to my to-try list. Especially if a trip out to Hopewell involves getting a closer look at that truck.

Nomad Pizza Co.

10 East Broad Street, Hopewell NJ 08525 (map) 609-466-6623;