Portland, Oregon: Escape from New York Pizza


Escape from New York Pizza, slice

[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

Escape from New York Pizza

622 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland OR 97210; map); 503-227-5423
Pizza Style: New York–style
Oven Type: Steel-deck gas oven
The Skinny: A stand-up stand-in for a New York–style slice — but in Portland!
Price: $2.95 for cheese (plain) slice; $3.50, pepperoni

It's long, narrow, and often crowded. The folks behind the counter are reputed to have a bit of attitude but are actually pretty nice. It's cash-only and is open late. Sound New York enough for you yet?

Well, the slices deliver on the promise implied in this joint's name.

Yes, Escape from New York holds up surprisingly well against a typical true slice from New York. It's thin, crisp, cheesy, and greasy. It's not the best New York–style pizza I've ever had, but it's notches better than many of the honest-to-goodness NYC-based slices I've eaten.

Oh, and it has the price to match: $2.95 for a "cheese" slice (that's a "plain" slice for our New Yorkers in the audience) and $3.50 for a pepperoni slice. Actually, that's even a bit pricey (or "spendy," as Oregonians would say) for New York. These folks have balls.

Which is, again, very New York authentic. [After the jump, the upskirt and crumb shots.]

Escape from New York Pizza, upskirt

Escape from New York Pizza gets the upskirt treatment. This photo, when I posted it on my Flickr account, prompted normanhathaway to say, "When are they going to cook it?" But there's one Yelper who apparently digs it this way: "Best pizza in Portland. Simple affordable and good. Thankfully not artsy with burnt crust, no cheese, and no sauce like so much Portland pizza...."

Escape from New York Pizza, hole structure

And here's what the hole structure looks like.

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