From Serious Eats Talk: 'Is Motorino Really That Good?'


A Margherita pizza from the East Village Motorino. [Photograph: Philip Given]

On Slice parent site Serious Eats, sushiburger says:

... Then we went to Motorino on 12th Street. After hearing all the rave on SE/Slice (for the one in Brooklyn) I decided to try it. We ordered the Margherita. Since we had already eaten a pork bun and half a sandwich, we ordered just one pie (plus, it was like 5 p.m. so no one was there), but the guy working there gave us a weird look and said in the back, "They just want one... no, that's it... just give them one," in a tone that made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Then the pizza was not as good as I expected. The 5 cheese blops we had (I counted) were delicious, but the sauce was underseasoned. The crust was good, and all in all the pizza was definitely above average but nowhere near the reviews. For $14 for 4 slices, I expect a little more (at least in taste).

In any case, maybe this was a bad night? Maybe the one in Manhattan is just not as good as the one in Brooklyn? Anyone else have a similar experience?

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