Oakland, Calif.: Boot and Shoe Service Is Charlie Hallowell's Follow-up to Pizzaiolo

Boot and Shoe Service is maybe not the most appetizing name for a second location, but given who's behind it I'm sure it'll turn out pizza that's far from tough and leathery. It's the long-awaited follow-up to Charlie Hallowell's Neapolitan-style-slingin' Pizzaiolo. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The narrow dining room, lined by an exposed-brick wall, faces the kitchen where cooks turn out pizzas in the Pizzaiolo style - thin, crisp and topped with artisanal and seasonal ingredients such as wild nettles, local chanterelles and Monterey Bay squid and house-made sausage.

Open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

Boot and Shoe Service

3308 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610 (near Lake Park Avenue; map) 510-763-2668