Reader Rec: 'Supino Pizzeria Is the Real Deal'

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Supino Pizzeria, Supino pie

Supino's eponymous pie. The Supino features roasted garlic, black olives, chile oil, ricotta, red sauce, and mozzarella. [Photograph: seekoh on Flickr]

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersAdam,
Summerfield here. After reading the link about pizza in Detroit, posted on Slice in August, I've had two eating experiences at Supino, which was rated No. 1 by the Detroit Free Press.

Supino is the real deal. Its pizza is pretty near a New York–Neapolitan style. The crust actually seems slightly thinner than what I remember New York metro pizza to be (it's been nine years since eating a pie at Lombardi's).

I had a sausage pizza. Sauce and cheese were in perfect harmony. Sausage was delicious (but not as good as Tomatoes). You can get whole pies or slices. I rate Supino's a near equal to Tomatoes Apizza, in nearby Farmington Hills.

Take care. Enjoyed the Portland series.


Supino Pizzeria

2457 Russell Street, Detroit MI 48207 (at Napoleon Street; map) 313-567-7879;