Earn Foursquare's New Pizzaiolo Badge by Checking In at 20 Pizzerias

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got some cool news about a new Foursquare badge. (Foursquare is a social-media site and phone app that turns going out on the town into a sort of game. You earn points and badges for checking in at various places.

20100108-foursquare-pizzaiolo-badge.pngYo, wanted to give you a heads up that Foursquare now has a new badge...

It's called Pizzaiolo... you earn it if you check in to 2520 pizzerias. Enclosed is what it looks like. Figured you might be interested. I'm betting you'll earn it soon.



Dear Aaron,

This is cool, but I think Foursquare should award this to me retroactively! I've alread checked in at way more than 25 pizzerias since I've been using the app! Hmmph.

Also, I tweet-suggested a "Pizza Crawl" badge back in November — maybe for visiting three or more pizzerias in one day — I also think I should get this one automatically:

Wish @foursquare would make a Pizza Crawl badge. And then award it to @akuban retroactively in NYC, Seattle, SF, and DC

What's the story on this? When did it come into being?

Hasta la pizza, Adam