Girl Slice Dreams a Dream About Motorino's Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Pizza

Motorino, brussels sprouts pizza

The brussels sprout and pancetta pizza at Motorino. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I have to reveal something shocking about Girl Slice, the woman I am about to share the rest of my life with: She's not a big pizza-eater.

In fact, she pulled a bit of a bait-and-switch on me when we first met.

Before we started dating, she told me some story about how she loved the pizza at Joe & Joe in Kensington so much that she ate a whole pie of it one day and then a whole Patsy's pizza the next day. I was like, Whoa. She'll be able to keep up with me.

And then, when we started dating, things done changed.

I'd suggest pizza for dinner, and she'd rebut with suggestions for Indian, Thai, or Chinese.

"What happened to the girl who ate 14 slices in two days?" I'd ask.

"I just don't crave it," she'd say.

In fact, she keeps threatening to write a column for Slice called "Unpopular Opinions" in which she would detail her love for mini-chain Patsy's ("They're better than the original one in East Harlem"), rail against San Marzano tomato sauces ("They're not seasoned enough"), and talk about what fools people are for waiting forever for Di Fara ("it's too smoky and hot in there and the pizza's just OK").

"And I'm dating you, why?" I'd say.

I kept thinking that maybe I'd call off our engagement, but then she IMed about the brussels sprout and pancetta pie at Motorino.

See, I had dragged her along a couple weeks ago to have dinner at the East Village Motorino with Rich, who you might remember as one of the folks I met in line at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I had expected her to poo-poo yet another pizzeria I loved. But then ...

girlslice: I had the most amazing dream
girlslice: It was at Motorino!!
NYCSlice: what happened?
girlslice: I went by myself
girlslice: and I waited in line
NYCSlice: Did you eat the brussels spout pizza?
girlslice: and then I had a plain margherita pizza
girlslice: and I finished it all
girlslice: and I said, "Can I stay and order another one?"
girlslice: and the waitress said, "Well, there's a long line, so generally we encourage people to order all their pizzas at once."
girlslice: And I explained that I wanted the brussels sprouts one
girlslice: and she said she would allow that
girlslice: because it was a good one
girlslice: or she suggested one
girlslice: that she used all these fancy Italian names for
girlslice: and that turned out to be honey and herbs
NYCSlice: hahaah
NYCSlice: that's cute
NYCSlice: did anything else happen?
girlslice: no, but I was actually able to eat my pizza
girlslice: which is rare in dreams
girlslice: and apparently I was able to make my watiress speak italian!
NYCSlice: heh
NYCSlice: now i will blog this!
girlslice: you can if you want
girlslice: i don't think you
girlslice: have really conveyed on Slice how great that pie really is
girlslice: you mentioned it in your top 8 pizzas of 2009 post
girlslice: but if i hadn't eaten that pizza, i don't think i'd be convinced that it really was so good

Yeah. And now she's telling me my blogging sucks. ;)

Where's the receipt for that ring again?

Motorino East Village

349 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003 (near First Avenue; map) 212-777-2644;

Motorino Williamsburg

319 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (at Devoe Street; map) 718-599-8899;

(PS: Motorino East Village now delivers.)