Pizza Girl: I'm Doing It for More Than Just Money

Another day, another new voice on Slice. We've never really had someone from the pizza industry writing here on Slice, and it's high time that changed. I've been reading Pizza Girl's blog for a while now. Pizza Girl works as a delivery driver. Her blog is funny and well-written and a blast to read. She'll bring some of that charm to Slice each week. So say hello and how'd you do. —AK

It's easy to forget while perusing the world of gourmet, handmade, and unique pizza that most of America gets its pizza elsewhere. They get it from the chains and from local pizzerias; and they get it delivered. When this happens they spend less than a minute interacting with the pizza delivery dude (or chick, but I'll just say dude because most customers throw me into that bucket regardless of my gender).

There are an abundance of stereotypes about the pizza delivery dude. He drives fast (in either his POS car or a brand new Lexus), never uses a turn signal, and isn't watching where he's going. Seemingly contradictory, if the pizza is late, it's because the pizza dude was slacking, driving slow, stopping to smoke a cigarette (or a joint). We have our windows down and are blasting music, probably rap or Southern rock. We don't really care about the customer, just about the money.

I've met those guys, I've worked with a few, but they come and go quickly because this job is soul-crushing if you can't find some other reason to keep doing it other than the money. The customers can be shitty, the store's full of teenagers and teenagers are full of drama, and if you work for one of the chains, the Man is constantly trying to find new, efficient ways to do things (most of these ways mean lower pay and worse conditions for drivers). Every driver who sticks with it has some reason other than the money.

My reason for keepin' on keepin' on is my blog [the excellent Diary of a Pizza Girl —The Mgmt.] and my love of pizza. I started for the money and somewhere along the way discovered that I love pizza of all kinds. I used to order the same thing every time, now I experiment, I try to find the best flavor; I fantasize about running my own pizza joint and making test pie after test pie to find the best specialty combinations to put on the menu. I dream about traveling all of the country researching the best pizza and finding a way to make it better. I recently visited a place that billed itself as "Austin's Weirdest Pizza." I want to make "Austin's Weirdest and Most Delicious Pizza."

Brings to mind: "If We Don't Take Care of the Customer, Somebody Else Will"