Last Week's Poll Results: Our Favorite Pizza Style(s)


20100118-fave-results.pngWell, it's time to call time on last week's poll, "What's Your Favorite Pizza Style?"

A week's worth of results are in, and the winner is New York thin crust (aka New York–style) with a 35 percent sweep. In a way, I'm not super surprised, since Slice was founded in NYC and its original mission was to explore the world of New York City pizza.

Slice has expanded in scope since then to include a weekly review from Chicago, which is why I'm surprised the total Chicago vote represented only 14 percent (6 percent stuffed, 4 deep dish, and 4 Chicago thin crust).

Neapolitan's whopping 21 percent also wasn't a surprise, since a lot of folks here are really into it — and because it is sweeping the U.S. right now.

And what can I say about the second-place winner, "WTFkinda question is this? I like it all, dude"? It's heartening to see it ride in with 22 percent, since it means a lot of us can appreciate all the different styles of pizza out there.

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