Munchmobile Pizza Patrol Finds Best Pizza in New Jersey


[Photograph: Star-Ledger Pizza Patrol]

The story: The Star-Ledger in New Jersey has gone nuts this week, posting the results of a six-month-long pizza fact-finding mission throughout the Garden State.

Starting today, The Star-Ledger counts down to the most significant event in New Jersey pizza history: the announcement of the winners in a nearly-six-month-long quest.

Monday: Discover how pizza became the world's most popular food, and its place in the U.S. and in New Jersey.

Tuesday: Learn all about the four pizza fanatics of the Pizza Patrol, who drove 9,000 miles in the Munchmobile, sampling 1,000 slices.

Wednesday: Pizza man extraordinaire Al Santillo tells us how to make pizza.

Thursday: The focus is on pizza bloggers and that online pizza world.

Friday: The moment we've all been waiting for: The announcement of our winners.


"Compiling notes of fav pizzas in NJ. Here's my setup," Scott Wiener tweeted on December 23, 2009. [Photograph: @scottspizzatours]

The Story Behind the Story: The paper has been doing this thing it calls the "Munchmobile Pizza Patrol." I think they did it a year or two ago on a smaller scale, taking different food bloggers out in the "Munchmobile" and posting about their findings. This latest effort, however, seems to be much more organized and concentrated, sticking to a constant crew of four munchers — Gina Bruno, Scott Wiener, Al Windrem, and Peter Genovese. I've been following Scott Wiener on Twitter (@scottspizzatour) as he has traveled along with the Munchmobile, tweeting from the road about its stops, and have been following the progress on the Star-Ledger site as they check in at various places. I've been bad about posting about this, though, because these folks have BLOWN MY PIZZA MIND with the sheer volume of their work. I have no idea where to begin. You can start here at the Munchmobile Pizza Patrol index page.

Watch for more as the week unfolds! [h/t to Kathryn Yu for the reminder]