'Pizza Hacker' and His Amazing Franken-Weber


I've been sleeping on this story for a while, and for that I must apologize to you, dear reader, and to the Pizza Hacker, a pizza street vendor who I've known about for a couple months but haven't yet blogged about.

The Pizza Hacker, based in San Francisco, uses a modified 22.5-inch Weber kettle grill that he's fitted with fire bricks. To mimic a traditional pizza oven, whose shape is ideal for cooking a pizza, he used the original lid to mold an oven dome from refractory cement and perlite.

Pizza Hacker shows up at various locations throughout SF selling his wares—wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza—typically in the Mission. Find out when and where he sets up shop by following him on Twitter: @pizzahacker. Video, after the jump.

The Pizza Hacker in Action

[via Make]