Los Angeles: SliceTruck

I started to write an editor's note here, but it got too long — almost longer than this review. So it's after the jump if you'd care to read it. —The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Slice Truck]


The road; follow @slicetruck on Twitter for exact locations slicetruck.com
Pizza style: New York imitation
The skinny: It's a truck serving pizza!
Price: $3 a slice, two for $5

I went for the SliceTruck, very curious about the quality as all I've heard is from the internet. The best part about the pizza might've been the basil and Parmesan sprinkled on afterward, then the cheese, then the sauce, and finally the crust. I should've asked how they heat up their slices, as it had been alive so long that the cheese had congealed into one large piece that slid around the sauce like it was ice. The sauce was nothing special. The crust was bland, pale, stiff, and wimpy all the way through, like a breadstick that's sat out for a half hour, with no crunch anywhere. The biggest disappointment was the crust. Nebagakid

Editor's Note

Last month, I posted a miniblurb about the Slice Truck in LA. That item prompted Nebagakid to say, "Please add some news to this post. This truck has been around for a month. At least add a review." Fair enough. But, seeing as how I couldn't swing flying out there, I asked Nebakid if they'd be up for a quick review.

Sensing that a lot of folks out there might want to submit quick reviews of their own, I created an online form in Google Docs to let you send in reviews to Slice. It can be found here: Add Your Favorite Pizzeria to Slice! »

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