NYC: Gyro Uno in Astoria for Greek-Style Pizza

This just rolled in from the comments of the Regional Pizza Styles glossary:

Hope it's not too late to comment on the New England–Greek-style pizza, but considering it's one of my favorites (and considering Astoria just got a shout out in your most recent post)—VOILA!

Gyro Uno, 28-01 Steinway Street, Astoria NY 11103 (at 28th Avenue; map)

I've found reheated slices in house are vastly superior to whole pies. One of my favorite places to get pizza in New York. (That IS saying a lot ...)


------------------------------------------------------------ Samm,

Thanks for the intel. I'm sure this is just coincidental, but even the name Gyro Uno seems to mash up the world of Greek food and pizza. I can't help but think of a sort of Greek-run Pizzeria Uno.

Bonus: Gyro Uno is just down the street from the Kabab Cafe. It's a renown Chowhounder spot, but I haven't been there yet. I wonder if it's still as good as it's supposed to be. Only one way to find out.