Vinnie's Pizza: Hawaii 5-0 Slice

Vinnie's Hawaii 5-0 Slice

I'm back in Williamsburg on Tuesday nights once again for league bowling. I'm between games now as I write this, blogging my between-games pizza dinner.

Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg always has some wacko special each night. Tonight's was the Hawaii 5-0 slice. Ham, pineapple, and fresh (supposedly) oregano. Not great but not horrible. Crust is OK. All crisp, no chew — likely the result of sitting for a while and then getting the reheat.

I toyed with the idea of eating the Vinnie's special slice each Tuesday and blabbing about it here, but I don't know if that would serve much of a purpose. Anyway, here's the upskirt:

Vinnie's Hawaii 5-0 Slice Upskirt

BTW, this is the place with the somewhat-internet-famous T.HANKS trash can.