Scenes from a Pizzeria: Antonio Starita's One-Night-Only 'Secret Show' at Kesté

It was late in the day on Friday when Slice learned that Antonio Starita of Naples's Pizzeria Starita would be in town making pizzas at Kesté Pizza & Vino for one night only.

Starita is an instructor at the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, the Naples-based governing body that both teaches pizza-making and certifies pizza-makers as adhering to authentic Neapolitan ways.

Why Kesté? Among Starita's protegés is Kesté's Roberto Caporuscio, who now works as head pizzaiolo at Kesté and who teaches and certifies aspiring pizza-makers on this side of the Atlantic for the APN.

Starita was on his way back to Naples from the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas and decided at the last minute to work the dough alongside Caporuscio in a sort of one-night-only pizza supergroup secret show. Here are photos from the evening.