Field Report: Ken's Artisan Pizza

Here's another community-submitted bit of intel from the field from tomdorkey. Thanks, tomdorkey! And remember, if YOU want to submit your review, here's how. The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Ken's Artisan Pizza

304 SE 28th Avenue, Portland OR 97214; map); 503-517-9951;
Pizza Style: Neapolitan-inspired
Oven Type: Wood-fired
Notes: Great starters, no reservations, reasonable corkage

  • Consistently good, high quality ingredients, unbelievable crust that is flavorful, chewy
  • Seasonal, creative desserts (especially in summer when local fruit and berries are available)
  • Terrific Caesar Salad dressed just right, flavorful croutons (from Ken's Bakery), shaved Parmesan
  • Knowledgeable wait staff who enjoy their work, and are always helpful. I especially like that they bring separate wine glasses if different wines are opened
  • Lines form before it opens at five PM on weekends, not as bad during the week
  • Always a nice char on the cornicione and upskirt—I realize this isn't for everybody, but it sure floats my boat. tomdorkey

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