In Philadelphia, a Pizzazz Pizza Is Topped with American Cheese

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The Pizzazz is topped with American cheese. And all you Imo's haters thought *provel* was bad. [Photograph: Drew Lazor/]

Philadelphia City Paper's Drew Lazor does a roundup of pizza styles that appear most often in the City of Brotherly Love

OK, Philly pizzaphiles: This is where things get kinda weird. The Pizzaz is without a doubt a local institution, but what's frustrating is that no one we ask seems to have any clue about a) the origins of this style; b) who did it first; and c) who does it the best. The crust can vary wildly, but the components themselves are unmistakable: A Pizzaz, which never has sauce, is topped with slices of tomato and the spicy yellow jarred peppers you get on hoagies. The cheese? American. We know plenty of folks who'd rather gargle with sulfuric acid than even consider placing American cheese on a sandwich, so you can imagine the reactions the Pizzaz elicits. We'll be the first to say that you shouldn't knock it till you try it.

Mr. Lazor, please pass the sulfuric acid. I need to gargle.

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