Portland, Oregon, Has Not One But Three(!) Artisanal Pizza Carts


[Clockwise from top right: Pizza Depokos; ExtraMSG.com (2)]

What is it about Portland, Oregon?!? The place has not one, not two, but three (THREE!) artisanal pizza carts. Pizza CARTS, mind you — not pizzerias.

I'm not super in love with the word artisanal, but I'm using it here as shorthand for the type of pizza made that employs an "...oven running at 800 degrees slinging out freshly made pizzas with ingredients like fresh mozz and doughs allowed to ferment for 24 hours," as Nick Zukin writes in his Portland pizza cart roundup on his blog, ExtraMSG.com.

Yeah. Did I say that this was coming from CARTS? I did? Good. Zukin did this pizza cart crawl with Adam Lindsley of This Is Pizza. The pair hit newcomer Pizza Depokos (more a shack than a cart), Pyro Pizza, and Wy'east. (You can read Lindsley's take on Pizza Depokos here.)

In case you did not know from one of the other 473 times I've mentioned it here, I lived briefly in Oregon/Portland (1997–2000), and the pizza scene at that time was just nothing. NOTHING, I say. As Zukin writes:

As Adam and I would say over and over on this crawl: five years ago, [Wy'east] would be the best pizza in Portland. That's no dig. Pizza in Portland has come a long ways since Apizza Scholls opened on Hawthorne in 2005. There's an excellent pizzeria in nearly every part of Portland now (if only someone would push out to the suburbs, they'd make a killing). These pizza carts are only adding to Portland's status as the hub of resurgent pizza culture west of the Hudson.

Pizza Depokos: North Greeley & Killingsworth (Refuel North Station Food Pod; map); 503-247-7499; pizzadepokos.blogspot.com

Pyro Pizza: SE 12th & Hawthorne (map); 503-929-1404; pyropizzacart.com

Wy'east Pizza: 3131 SE 50th Avenue, Portland OR 97206 (SE Tibbets/Kelly, parking lot of Ruthie's Weaving Studio; map); 503-701-5149; wyeastpizza.com

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