Scenes from Paulie Gee's

After a series of tweets back and forth last Monday, I found myself agreeing to meet Always Hungry's Arthur Bovino and Maryse Chevriere at Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint. This was my first actual visit. I had been on a friends and family night three weeks ago and once before that to scope out the space while it was under construction. I had told myself I'd be going as a "civilian" (ie., in a nonreview capacity), but I couldn't help snapping a few photos. Here's yet another gallery. (Are you getting sick of Paulie Gee yet?!?) Not much new in it that you didn't see in this Paulie Gee gallery except for the fact that these photos are from actual service last Wednesday and not from the friends and family night of March 6. And some interior shots. Peep if you wish.

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