This Week's Poll Results: Nekkid Crusts It Is, More or Less


The poll earlier this week asked how you ate the end crusts of your slices — plain or perhaps dipped in something.

The resounding answer was you essentially eat it plain. Fifty percent of respondents chose this option, most noting something along the lines of "it's not good pizza if you can't eat the crust as is." An additional 14 percent said they used it to sort of sop up whatever oil or grease and sauce was left on the plate, which I will take the liberty of interpreting as almost the same thing in that there's no introduction of a third-party dipping-specific substance.

When it comes to a third-party dipping-specific substance, however, the majority of these respondents did ranch, which in itself is a polarizing topic.

Perhaps the most interesting respondent was candresc, who dips in ROOT BEER:

Other: root beer! I grew up doing this with my Italian family at the local Italian restaurant where we always got our Friday night pizza. I've never met anyone else who had tried it before I encouraged them too, but most people who try it like it. Weird, I know, but good!

Thanks for another week of candid pizza-preference revalations, folks! Stay tuned for the next go-round tomorrow morning.