All Di Fara Plain Pizzas Are Safe for Vegetarians

Because we haven't posted about Di Fara in, oh, a month and a half ...


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Maybe only diehard Di Fara freaks knew this, but at one point, the sauce for the square pies was meat-based. That's no longer the case, according to the Di Fara Facebook Fan Page:

Isaac Sitt: Just curious, my understanding is that the round pies are completely vegetarian (no meat or chicken stock in the sauce) and the squares are not vegetarian. Please confirm, thanks, and Happy Easter!

Di Fara's reply:

Years ago the sauce used for the square pies was meat-based. We have changed that and no longer use meat products in our sauces. Thankfully, it has not compromised flavor. Both the round and the square are suitable for vegetarians currently :)

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