'Always Hungry' on the Calzone at Nick's in Forest Hills


[Photograph: Always Hungry]

Always Hungry is raving about the calzone at Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills, Queens, and it looks pretty good to me:

Small or large, the calzone is unlike any other in New York. Choose a filling from the list of pizza toppings. They range from the conventional—sausage and pepperoni—to sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto. Outside, its flat crust more resembles grilled cheese than a calzone. Inside, it's totally filled with a soupy, flavorful, nonpareil ricotta accented with melted mozzarella. And the sauce! Sweet and seed-speckled—slightly chunky. Served steaming in a tea cup on a saucer. It's soup-worthy, drinkable—there's a reason why it comes in a cup with a handle.

Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills

108-26 Ascan Avenue, Queens NY 11375 (near Burns Street; map) 718-263-1126