Dear Slice: Some Neapolitan Oven Facts

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Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersDear Adam and Ed,

I am forwarding you this message on behalf of APN, Associazione Pizzaioli Napoletani USA.

A recent video-post on Slice (Neapolitans Talk Pizza) along with some related posts from Slice bloggers could have created some confusion on ovens for Neapolitan pizza. We would like to bring to your attention few FACTS to clarify things for your readers.

1) Ovens built in the USA

Kesté's oven was built on site by a Neapolitan artisan by the name of Peppe Foglia. Sand, cement, and bricks were shipped from Napoli. As a matter of fact, I believe Kesté's oven is the first one to be built on-site by Neapolitan artisans in NYC.

Years ago Peppe Foglia also built an oven in Miami for Fratelli la Bufala and in Ridgewood, New Jersey, for A Mano.

In the past Stefano Ferrara himself has built a few other ovens in Seattle for Via Tribunali. From what we know, we believe the first one in the USA is the one built by Agliarulo for Spacca Napoli in Chicago.

2) Oven Mouth


Acunto (which is the company that built the oven for UPN, now Motorino) makes and sells those cast-iron inserts, and most of the Neapolitan artisans that build pizza ovens buy those inserts from him.

Mr. Ferrara recently stopped buying the cast-iron insert from Acunto and started to buy from a different company in northern Italy, but it's the same shape and size.

I can guarantee you that all other oven sold and built in the USA from Mr. Ferrara (Paulie Gee in NYC, Via Tribunali in Seattle) have the same identical shape and size as the one built at Kesté or installed at UPN/Motorino.

Absolutely no difference.

Even if Mr. Ferrara by some sort of magic would now be using an insert for the oven with a smaller mouth (which I find hard to believe), that would make no difference at all on the final product.

Thank you, Kesté Pizze e Vino