Chain Reaction: Domino's 'Big Deal Pizza' (Limited Availability)

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[Photographs: Jon Liu]

So apparently Domino's is testing a new pizza in limited markets. The Big Deal Pizza is a rectangular 10-slice pizza that looks somewhat like pan pizza or maybe even the Big D's answer to Sicilian slices. The only market that I know of that has it, though, is San Diego.

I wanted to get my greasy mitts on one, but I had a problem: I'm not based in San Diego. So I put out a call on Twitter for someone there to take on this dangerous mission. Luckily, we found Jon Liu, who had us the photos in no time flat. After the jump, the unboxing.


I could sort of imagine its size from the photo, but I wanted to be sure so I asked Jon if he had an estimate of the pizza's dimensions. Also, was it small enough for one person to finish him- or herself? Or was it splittable mealwise?

Says Jon:

I actually measured the pizza and it was roughly 12-by-8-by-1/2 inch to 3/4 inch high.

There were big flavors—garlicky and cheesy.


It wasn't too saucy and the pizza crust wasn't too chewy, but it had a spring to it.

I would say the pizza can feed 1.5 people: too big for 1 person and not enough for 2 people. One of my roommates ate half the pizza and was still hungry (he's about 5'8" and 180 lbs).


Compared to Little Caesar's "Hot and Ready" (same price of $5) it's better by leaps and bounds.

So there you have it in more detail than I originally thought to ask Jon for. Thanks, Jon!

The 10-Slice Big Deal Pizza cost $5.43 in San Diego. Price may vary if it is available in other markets.