From Serious Eats Talk: Your Favorite Pizza Dough Recipe?

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If you missed this thread over on Serious Eats Talk, it's worth visiting: Dear Slicer's: What's your favorite pizza dough recipe? Simon asks:

It's been far too long since I've made pizza at home. I have a new oven with a top broiler (instead of the kind all the way in the bottom with the pull out drawer), and would like to put it, and my stone, to good use. I can get it REALLY hot in there with the broiler on. (about 650*)

I'm curious to know what your favorite dough recipes are. I'm not scared of yeast, not scared of kneading, and I don't have any rush, so letting things ferment and rise is not an issue. But, if you think your quick or no knead recipe is great, I'd love to hear about it too.

A lot of great recipes and advice there. Go check for yourself and/or add to it ยป