How to Submit Your Pizza to 'My Pie Monday'

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.


My Pie Monday is a weekly feature on Slice that lets members of the Slice community show off their homemade pizza. Here are the guidelines:

Photo Selection

Pick your single best pizza of the week to submit. We love the enthusiasm many Slice'rs have shown in sharing two, three, four pizzas, but please edit down your weekly selection to 1 photo. It helps us monkeys behind the curtain get your pictures up in a timely manner and prevents a backlog of sad, tardy pies.

If you have extra photos and methodology you'd like to highlight, this is the time to pimp out your blog, website, or photo-sharing account (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.). We totally don't mind if you link back to someplace online where you've documented your process in depth! ;)

Photo size: If you can, please size photos to no larger than 600 pixels wide. Horizontally oriented photos preferred.

Explainer Text

Should be about 100 words or fewer. Things Slice'rs are interested in range from the basic (cooking method, toppings, and any topping prep) to the more geeky (dough fermentation times, dough hydration, etc.). Include any links back to more in-depth methodology and/or photos here!

Please include your Slice/Serious Eats username (or let us know what we should call you on My Pie Monday!)

The Earlier, the Better!

To make sure your pizza gets in the following week's roundup, turn it in as soon as possible! The cut-off is 8 p.m. ET Thursday evening. If you're later, we'll save it for the following week.

Sending It In

Send your photo and text to: [email protected]