My Pie Monday: Foolish Poolish's Margherita

Foolish Poolish's Margherita

[Photograph: Foolish Poolish]

From a name I know you know, Foolish Poolish:

For your new feature, "My Pie Monday," a Margherita pulled from the oven about half an hour ago. Not my best pie by a long shot, but still tasty.

Toppings are fairly self-explanatory (foodie specifics: [email protected] [email protected]#!$&o tomatoes, Sicilian sea salt, fior di latte blah blah blah :) ).

Oh, and sorry about the terrible photo quality...I'd blame the kitchen lighting, but, honestly, my photography sucks. I tried to fiddle with the colour in iPhoto but probably made it worse."

Thanks, FP. I'm always amazed you get these pizzas from a typical electric home oven. You should ape the Pizza a Casa dude and teach classes. No worries about stepping on his toes since you're in the UK. And, don't worry about the photo. I ALWAYS make my own photos worse in iPhoto. No fault of iPhoto—I'm colorblind, so I always "white balance" pics and make them green. (Which explains a lot of the weird colors on Slice.)

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