Slice Poll: Best Frozen Pizza?

Frozen Pizza

Reviews of frozen pizza.

OK. For this week's Slice poll, we're going to go in a bit of a different direction, inspired by the email below. This is not so much a "poll," since there's no click-button votertronic doohickey to register your choice. It's more a "survey" or "open-ish thread." Anyway ...


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Hi Adam,
Have you ever taken a poll to glean the best frozen pizza out there? As much as I love pizza, I don't always have access to great fresh pizza and I wonder what frozen pizzas the aficionados on Slice would recommend.

Margaret M. K.

---------------------------------------------- Dear Margaret,

The thing about "polls" as we do them on Slice is that I have to populate them with answer-choices based on what I anticipate folks might reasonably respond with. That's why they are sometimes reductionist and/or black-and-white. Plus, I only have 10 slots for "answers."

Something like frozen pizza ... well, there's A LOT of fro-pi out there. More than I could possibly fit in our poll widget. So I'm going to make today's "poll" more of a survey or open thread...

What is your favorite frozen pizza? »

Just leave your nominations for favorites in the comments.