Dear Slice: 'I Had Pizza with Caleb (Flagstaff Forno)'

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Remember when we interviewed Caleb Schiff (Flagstaff Forno) about his pizza oven? Remember that he invited Slice'rs to his pizza nights? Yuzuman83 took him up on it. Here's Yuzuman83's tale in words and pictures. The Mgmt.


Yuzuman83 writes:

Caleb Schiff (Flagstaff Forno) graciously welcomed me to his home when I went to visit the Flagstaff area with some friends last week. Not only is Caleb an incredibly gracious host and awesome pizza maker, he is incredibly passionate about the craft and art of pizza making.


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It was a real highlight of my trip—aside from Pizzeria Bianco of course!—and I wanted to publicly thank him for making delicious pizza for a bunch of random strangers from the internet. Talk about Slice love. Our host gifts can't do justice to the meal he prepared for us, but I hope he still enjoyed them.


I included some pictures if you want to show them off to the Slice world - with Caleb's permission of course.

This is what happens when the Internet happens to good people. Good people on both ends of this tale. Awesome. I am humbled and happy that Slice helped hook this up!