My (Budding) Pizza Oven: David S. with Another Brooklyn Backyard Oven

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Last week, I got an email from David S. with the subject line "Another pizza oven grows in Brooklyn." David was referring to Mark Wilkie's backyard Brooklyn pizza oven, which you may remember from August of last year. Building a pizza oven in a Brooklyn backyard is sort of a feat, since A) space is at a premium and B) it's often pretty damn difficult to get items into the backyard because there's often no access other than what you've got going through the living space itself. Anyway, David promises to keep us updated throughout the process. (Between his first email and now, he's already sent in more pics, which you can see after the jump. The Mgmt.


[Photographs: David S.]

Like a proud papa about to have a kid, I wanted share a sneak peak of the oven I am building in the backyard of my house. With friends' help and my wife's understanding, I am aiming to complete the dome in the next two weeks and be cooking pizza in a month. We are really into the homestretch now and I can't wait! (finishing the outside plus landscaping is another matter, however).

When finished and cooking, I would be thrilled to see it featured in a My Pizza Oven piece and maybe a bit premature, would be humbled to have the Slice team over for a pizza cookout (must love dogs).

David (6/23/2010)


More oven progress. It may now be obvious that much of the inspiration for the completion of the oven is coming from your slide show on Donatella Arpaia's oven that Stefanno Ferrara built. Both the dome shape and technique to finishing technique for the dome (slurry). We'll have to see how my observations of the dome shape translatted to the finished oven and performance. Right now it is looking a little shallow but that might be an optical illusion. I have faith in the first course height to dome height ratio I decided on from observations. It is definately a shallower dome than the Pompeii style oven many people build from the Forno Bravo plans (another source of my inspiration).

The coming weekend should see the completion of the dome. Major step!

—David (6/28/2010)


Nice! Thanks for the original email and for the update. And, hells yeah! The Slice crew loves dogs AND would love to try pizza from this bad boy once it's done. And we don't care what your landscaping looks like at that point. ;)