Openings: Pizzeria Orso, Falls Church VA


[Photographs: Pizzeria Orso]

Pizzeria Orso, the long-awaited D.C.-area wood-fired-oven joint helmed by former 2 Amys pizzaman Edan MacQuaid along with wife Thea MacQuaid, has finally opened.

Seriouspizza has been chiming in here and there with updates. We'll save him the trouble of commenting by mentioning it right here, right now. It opened just a few minutes ago at 11 a.m.

From the press release:

Pizzeria Orso offers Neapolitan pizzas such as the classic Margherita, with San Marzano tomatoes, Italian buffalo mozzarella and basil (Edan's favorite); the Vera Orso topped with five Italian cheeses, and with fresh shaved white or black truffles (in season); and the Filepto (Thea's favorite), a Margherita with sliced fresh cherry tomatoes instead of the San Marzano variety. In addition to the traditional Neapolitan pizzas, the restaurant offers a selection of specialty pizzas, including the Vongole, topped with Grana, capers, parsley, cockles in shell and hot pepper flakes, as well as the Tri Colore, a stuffed pizza with two separate fillings: pesto/ricotta and ricotta/salami. Pizzeria Orso also offers antipasti options, such as oven baked eggplant parmesan; and Neapolitan fritture, such as potato crocche, a seasonal frito misto, arancini, and suppli a telefono, a smaller Roman fritter.

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Pizzeria Orso

400 South Maple Avenue, Falls Church VA 22046 (map) 703-226-3460;