Snapshots from France: Flammekueche from Flam's



Clockwise from top left: We ate at the Flam's just outside the Montparnasse train station. Our prix fixe choice was the Flams Plus — all-you-can-eat flammekueche. Our second round, a vegetarian flammekueche and an Indian-influenced one. Click for larger versions. [Photographs: Adam Kuban]

OK. So the big question you may have* is whether Girl Slice and I ate pizza while we were in France. Yes and no. If you consider flammekueche pizza (Adam from the Past talked about this stuff last week), then, yes, we ate pizza.

Girl Slice became a fan of a place called Flam's when she lived in Paris on a work-study program in college and wanted to introduce me to it. So our first dinner after getting hopelessly lost on the way to checking in to our hotel was at a branch of this flammekueche-driven chain.


Le upskirt.

The first thing I learned in the country was that the French are fans of prix fixe meals, often referred to on the menu as formules. Our eyes being bigger than our stomachs (which often turned out to be the case on this trip), we went for the all-the-flammekueche-you-can-eat option (see top-right photo at top of post).



Top: "La Gratinée," basically the "L'Authentique Traditionnelle" with Emmental cheese added; "La Champignons Frais," a mushroom tarte flambée. Above: The mushroom FK in its full glory.

For our first round, we ordered Flam's "L'Authentique Traditionnelle" (the traditional tarte flambée I mentioned last week) and the "La Champignons Frais" (fresh mushrooms, smoked lardons, and onions).

They made a mistake, and our "L'Authentique" actually included Emmental cheese. C'est la vie. It was good regardless. The mushroom one was better, though.


But perhaps the best one was "L'Indienne" (above), an Indian-influenced number with chicken, various peppers, curry, and coconut. That I could still enjoy this thing after a belly full of 1.25 tarte flambées (Girl Slice passed on some of her first-round share) says something, I think.


The "La Légère" (the vegetarian option) was OK but basically just a bunch of veggies dumped on. It was the most lackluster of the bunch. We finished it, but just barely. Which was surprising that we couldn't get through as much as we thought, given the thinness of these things (above).


Part of the "formule" plan that I grew to love was the dessert option. I rarely order dessert when left to my own devices, but if it's part of a prix fixe, you don't have to twist my arm twice.

Regrets, I've Had a Few


I'm now kicking myself in the derriere for not ordering "La New-Yorkaise." It caught my eye the minute I opened the menu. What's on it?


"Boeuf haché, moutarde à l'ancienne, oignons, et salade verte." Or, ground beef, mustard, onions, and green salad. Oh, the French. Sounds like someone at Flams HQ needs a trip to La New York.


I did, however, employ the Fold Hold while eating my Flam's, which is in itself very New York.


Visited: Flams Montparnasse, 15th Arrondissement, 32 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, France (map) 01 45 44 63 53;

* If you've been following Slice, know that I have been away in France the last two weeks, and actually give a rat's ass, that is.