Tonecapo's Portobello-Mushroom Crust Pizza

You may recognize the screen name tonecapo from the comments on Slice. Turns out he's a pizza-maker from Geneva, Ohio, named Tony Capo. At his place, Capo's Pizza, he makes this variation of pizza that's rather ingenious. Enjoy! —The Mgmt.


You left a message on our Facebook page asking for photos of our Pizza on a Portabella. I have attached before-and-after photos. The photos consist of assembling the portabella and photos of the finished product.



In honor of you, I used excellent ground sausage from the Holiday Sausage Company in Cleveland. [You know my taste, Tonecapo! —AK] Normally we would use the sausage crumbles every pizza shop uses. Unfortunately here in Geneva people don't often appreciate ground sausage like this. We once upgraded and used this Holiday sausage on all of our pizzas until we received so many complaints we switched back to previous sausage crumbles.


Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Tony. It sort of reminds me of this portobello burger at a place called the Shake Shack in NYC. They load up the middle with cheese then deep-fry it. I know how good that thing is, so I'm guessing that this "pizza but not pizza" is probably a nice treat, too.

Capo's Pizza

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