Pizza Cups


Adam shared a recipe for pizza cups with me and I thought it would be great to try out. I tweaked the recipe a little of course. We all have our own dough recipes and favorite toppings, after all.

This dish is certainly not pizza. In fact I dare say it resembles a dreaded pizza cone. There are a lot of fun recipes out there for foods based on pizza. This one is tons of fun to make and the results are an adorable pizza-esque, cupcake-like dish that will be sure to make any dinner guests coo with delight. It would be great to make with kids or as a dish to take to a potluck or party.


I was really surprised at how well this project turned out. You can eat them like a cupcake with your hands or with a knife and fork. The dough was perfectly baked; it was crisp on the outside and tender inside. The tiny perlini mozzarella balls were totally cute and perfect for this project. Nothing came out undercooked, and the cups kept their shape surprisingly well after being baked. I am proud to say that the onion, green pepper and cherry tomatoes all came right from our garden. The freshness of those veggies was really great

I thought of my sister the whole time I was making this. She loves cupcakes both savory and sweet and has often made the hilariously silly and surprisingly delicious mupcakes- meat cupcakes with mashed potato icing. Ha! I'm sure she would be proud.