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MissBrownEyes emails, saying ...

Not sure you've ever come across this in all your pizza-traveling glory... but thought it might be interesting for Slice'rs...

FWIW, I'm not sure I'd call it pizza even though it technically fits my definition of pizza. I'm seriously conflicted.

—Miss Brown Eyes


Dear MBE,

Thank you!

This is funny, because these remind me of the "Pizza Bread" recipe a 3rd grade classmate added to our "Third Grade Cookbook." We each had to contribute a kid-friendly recipe, cook it, and bring it to class. For one month, everyone in the class had a day to bring in enough treats to share and then give a presentation on the recipe. At the end of the month, our teacher compiled the recipes into a cookbook and had them printed up.

Anyway, this one kid brought in "Pizza Bread." Simply a loaf of frozen bread dough thawed out, rolled out, slathered with pizza stuff and rolled back up. Basically a pizza roulade.

It's the only recipe I remember from that book. I wish I still had my copy of it.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Hasta la pizza, Adam

PS: I would say ... "pizza snack" or "pizza but not pizza." I'm tagging this entry with both.

Whatever. It looks GOOD.