KettlePizza Weber Grill Insert: The Unboxing

Remember the KettlePizza grilling insert I mentioned last week? Slice's KettlePizza arrived today. After 5 minutes' worth of assembly (if that), we've got it ready to go. Pics, after the jump.


The insert is basically a sheet of steel with an oven mouth cut out and some bolt holes in it. It comes in a box (duh, you saw that above) with a bag of parts and instructions. "Parts" is probably the wrong word. It's basically a bag of common hardware-store items. No tools required for assembly. Just insert the bolts through the holes, slip on the lock washers, and screw on the wing nuts.


Slip in the thermometer and tighten its wing nut, and you're done.


The Slice KettlePizza is ready to go. Kenji, let's arrange a time for testing! You still got that friend with a Weber Kettle grill?